Unlike most other car buying services and instant offers, we don’t offer you an inflated price to get you in the door and then magically reduce the price upon inspecting your vehicle. We collect all the critical information required upfront to give you a fair and honest price indication. 

If your vehicle matches the description, we’d rather shake your hand than argue over price.

And…to ensure we mean it, we offer you our unique “Price Promise”

Selling your vehicle at a wholesale price, means you’re likely funding a profit to the wholesaler or auction house. And you also likely funding a profit to the dealer who buys it off them.

Being a licensed automotive retailer allows us to pay higher than wholesale market prices because we simply “cut out the middle man”.

If you’re planning to sell your car privately, you will understand that most potential buyers, want to buy the best car in the market.

These buyers also want your car to present “perfectly”.

So, it may mean you need to fork out even more of your hard-earned cash to pay for:

  • mechanical repairs 
  • panel repairs
  • cosmetic touch ups
  • detailing 
  • advertising
  • roadworthy

And… by law, all registered vehicles need to be sold in a roadworthy condition which means you need to organise and pay for a Licensed Roadworthy Tester to produce a Roadworthy Certificate* as proof. 

More money to fork out!

And, even though your car may only be a few years old, it does’t take too long to rack up a sizeable list of defects that need to be repaired.

National Car Buyers will buy your car as is and save you the time and the money.

Let us worry about those additional costs. 

  • Legislation varies within the states of Australia.

Unlike other car buyers, we pay for your vehicle in full before it leaves your driveway. This gives you maximum control and security over the transaction. Most other car buyers will pay you in 48 hours or longer and….after taking possession of the vehicle. 

Once you’re completely comfortable to hand over the keys to your car:

  • we will arrange collection of your vehicle at no cost
  • we will even pay for your Taxi or Uber ride home up to the value of $80 if you choose to drop it to us

Some other car buyers may deduct the cost of collection on your final sale price. 

Not a local, not a problem! We buy cars from all over Australia and will coordinate your vehicle inspection, paperwork, payment and transport. 

We’ll even help you through the vehicle sale compliance challenges in your State or Territory.

I need access to funds urgently

If you’ve fallen on hard times or you have a payment deadline, let us know. We will organise an inspection and payment – super fast!

I’m waiting on my new car from the dealership 

Some of our customers have already purchased a new car and are wondering what to do with the old car! If you’re trading it to the dealership, tell us and we’ll try and pay you more!

With over 30 years of combined automotive retailing experience we take out all the guesswork and the hassle of the transaction.

Our buyers are employed by Berwick Mitsubishi which is one of the IDOM Australia Group of companies. Berwick Mitsubishi spearheads the retail arm of National Car Buyers and is one of Australia’s leading Mitsubishi dealerships with a record of selling huge volumes of used cars. So… 


With over 1000 reviews Berwick Mitsubishi enjoys a 4.8 star Google rating for customer satisfaction, so you can be assured that you are dealing with industry professionals that value integrity and honesty. 

If our final offer price is less than our initial price indication, we will offer you a $50 gift card provided that:

  1. The vehicle details provided by the customer are correct
  2. The vehicle description including features provided by the customer are correct
  3. The vehicle condition is accurately described to National Car Buyers


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    Ken Gilbert

    • 2 months ago
    • 5 Stars

    Customer experience over this journey was above expectation in terms of the interactions and transaction. I really could not believe how easy it was to sell my car to Berwick Mitsubishi. The flexibility offered and constant communication gave me a good sense that this transaction was being handled professionally and timely. I’m hoping in the future I can deal with Berwick Mitsubishi again in selling or buying a car. I normally only provide feedback when I have a negative CX experience, but this is an exception. Thanks, Glen, for the assistance and the easy transaction.

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    Claudio Simeone

    • 13 minutes ago
    • 5 Stars

    Very reliable and trustworthy service. Selling process of car made very simple by Glen. Have used them many times. Would not hesitate using them . Glen helped me thru each process. Great value trades given. to us for our company vehicles.

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    Chris Steel

    • a minute ago
    • 5 Stars

    They bought my car from me and Glen was great! AII done in 24 hours and was very smooth and efficient.

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    P J Cole

    • 2 months ago
    • 5 Stars

    Sold my Kia Sorrento. Genuine and professional service, Glen was great to work with. Seamless and high recommended. If only selling a car was always this easy! Needed to have the car checked out first which was easy and then the car was taken away in a timely fashion. Importantly the cash was transferred quickly.

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    Steven Spurway

    • 2 months ago
    • 5 Stars

    Glen was very easy to work with and made selling my vehicle a pleasure. Was efficient and had no problems at all with the transaction. Thanks for making this so easy.

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    Lewis Higgins

    • 38 minutes ago
    • 5 Stars

    It was a great experience dealing with Glen after we listed our car for sale. He contacted me with a firm, fair offer and made the process very easy from there on out. I would highly recommend whether buying or selling a vehicle.

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    Travis Brenan

    • 15 hours ago
    • 5 Stars

    Dealt with Glen. One of the easiest and knowledgeable car salesman I have ever dealt with. Two days , and my car was sold. Could not recommend anyone better. Thanks heaps Glen.

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    James Rouse

    • 2 hours ago
    • 5 Stars

    Glen purchased my vehicle with a fair and reasonable offer and made all the necessary arrangements to pay out finance and arrange inter state transport. The whole deal was expertly facilitated in a friendly professional manner.

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    Ash Davies

    • 23 hours ago
    • 5 Stars

    Fast and efficient service, completed within a couple of hours.

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    Mrs White

    • 23 hours ago
    • 5 Stars

    Heath Eustace from Berwick Mitsubishi was absolutely fantastic! The process of selling my car to him was so quick and easy I thought it was another scam - boy was I wrong - money in the bank within a few hours AND they pick up the car. I am so impressed and trust Heath so much that I will probably buy a car from him as well.